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This exciting weekend of training covers volunteers’ expectations and concerns, intercultural learning techniques, global development issues, practical and health information, and the philosophy behind international volunteering.

The VAP Orientation Weekend of June 29th–30th is intended for all volunteers going to all types of international volunteer projects, those in the UK and overseas, from a week to over a year, in developed and undeveloped countries, in group projects or lone placements.

The training is an opportunity to find out what is involved in international volunteering projects through a mix of exercises and games, talks and discussions, dramatization and conversational exploration. It is an opportunity to understand the attitudes and personal attributes which will make your project a success. We will also provide detailed documentation for background reading, specialised knowledge based on the experience of both the training team and the other participants.

The location of the weekend is the Othona Community on the east coast of Essex in a nature reserve – itself a magical location. The Othona Community provides an annual programme of community training events and retreats. Our international volunteers have been hosted there annually since the 1970s so it provides a good idea of a typical volunteer project environment.

The training will be provided free for those that have already paid their application form to go on a project abroad with VAP but you will need to pay for your travel.

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Quote of the day

« I think our work has really opened the eyes of the youth there. I think that, because of our presence, some local youths got the chance to learn about other cultures which they wouldn't have otherwise. »

Monique T. from London

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