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Over the years we have received a number of requests on volunteering programs tailored to those with more experience.

This is the first year we are launching the ‘Skills in Action’ programme, aimed at those aged 40 and above, from all walks of life, who would like to share their skills and experience…

How you can help…?

Share your previous experience – have you had any experience before, what worked well and what didn’t work?

How could we advertise and communicate to more people…?


This year we have taken the step to launch our Skills in Action programme – please talk to us if you are interested… it will not only be a personally rewarding trip but also will help to shape how future programmes are run as well.

Project Duration: Minimum of 6 months.

Costs: We are a not-for-profit charity and aim to be transparent with the costs. Expected costs are as follows:

VAP application fee - £295. This fee is inclusive of an orientation event (training, food and accommodation), and covers the administrative costs of processing the application. This does not cover transport costs to the training venue. Information on how to pay this application fees here

Participation fee payable to the host organisation – approx. €200 to €300 per month. This generally covers accommodation, local transport and other project and administration costs.

Volunteers will be responsible for flight, visa costs, insurance, vaccinations and other personal travel related expenses, but VAP can advise you on these.

Structure: To help you and our hosting partner to get the most from the experience, before volunteers are accepted onto a project, we will discuss with you and the partner organisation to discuss the project’s needs, your objectives, and how the programme should be structured. As part of the pilot we would also like to meet with you upon your return from the project, to understand what went well, what didn’t work and what can be improved.

Accommodation: Volunteers will generally live in the house of a family, or at the centre where they work, although this may vary. Please look at each individual project outline for specific details.

Our Partners: We have selected three of our international partners who are happy to pilot this programme. They are Kenya Voluntary Development Association (KVDA), Brigada de Voluntarios Bolivarianos del Peru (BVBP) and Volunteers for Peace Vietnam (VPV). Our partners have had previous experience of hosting adult volunteer programmes, as well as senior volunteers above the age of 70 from various countries.

If you have an interest in a specific country, and want to find out what programmes available – please speak to us directly and we could check with our partners.

Projects available:
You can search for specific Skills in Action projects for our on our database on the top right hand corner of this page, and select the option ""Skills in Action projects" in the Type of Work dropdown menu. In order to apply just follow the instructions given in the How to Apply section of our website.

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Quote of the day

« I appreciate that constructive criticism may be more useful to you than praise but I honestly have no gripes that I could possibly mention. I can only thank you for the experience that I really enjoyed and will undoubtedly follow-up in the coming year. »

Peter H. from Glasgow

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