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A Medium Term Volunteering project lasts from 1 to 6 months, and a Long Term Volunteering project, from 6 months to one year.

It is an international non-formal educational experience that develops one’s sensitivity towards social and cultural differences, self-confidence and problem solving ability.

There is a vast number of working possibilities: with disadvantaged youth or ethnic minorities, with disabled people, in an ecological community, in a local youth group, in an orphanage, etc.

Medium/Long Term Volunteering is an individual experience rather than a collective one. Often there are 2-3 volunteers working on a certain project but not more. Note that it is not a workcamp environment and if there is a group, it will be smaller and the work and the everyday life are not group-oriented.

Usually a short training or orientation session is given to the volunteers in the very beginning of the project, to help them get acquainted with the project aims, the host organisation, the local customs and culture. This may include also a basic training in the local language.

Medium/Long Term Volunteers are immersed in the local culture to a much greater extent allowing them to integrate better with the local community and actually become part of it. Over time volunteers can learn the local language, make friends and better understand the needs and problems of the locals. This enables them to take a more active role in the running of the project by implementing their own ideas for accomplishment of better outcomes.

Participants make their own arrangements for the travel to the project and cover the transportation by themselves. They are always provided with sufficient information about the local means of transport, location and directions to the projects site, meeting point, etc. Few projects provide partial travel support to the participants.

Most of VAP’s partner organisations charge an affordable monthly hosting fee which is intended to support the actual organising of the project. The hosting fee for each Medium and Long Term Volunteering project is listed in the project description. Food and accommodation are provided for the volunteer for the whole length of the project.

Medium/Long Term Volunteers should be 18 years old but there are no upper age limits to be an M/LTV.

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« The outside world did not interfere, because it seemed so distant, and so we spent our spare time getting to know each other and learning about each other countries', languages and cultures. Everyone was completely relaxed. This simply would not have been possible on any other type of holiday. VAP enabled me to have a truly memorable experience. »

Ivan W. from London

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