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Calling all early birds! For those who wish to take flight before the summer, VAP has already begun filling its database with new projects for volunteering worldwide in 2010.
Get online and start pecking!

If you are interested in developing new skills, why not take part in our Volunteer Project Co-ordinator training in London on the 27-28th March? This is a free event with specialist trainers, putting an emphasis on fun and education using a broad range of non-formal techniques. You may be offered the opportunity to represent and help organise a UK based VAP project! For more information contact the resident VAP badger by clicking here.

Are you part of, or aware of a UK based organisation, that could benefit from hosting a VAP project during the summer? VAP is on the hunt for new partners within the UK. The benefits are social exchange and free non-professional labour provided by a group of young travelling adults, who wish to gain a positive experience of UK culture. In return for their work, food and accommodation must be provided. Please get in touch!

Deep below the ground frosts and icy winds, VAP has been busy, tunnelling for new ventures. We have applied to host 2 European Voluntary Service participants this summer. Their main aim will be to educate and bring awareness to UK communities of the Millennium Development Goals to end poverty and ill health, set out by the UN.

And finally...we have also had a small success regarding the unfair classification of volunteers within the new points based system for immigration visa applications in the UK. VAP has managed to lobby a document onto the table of the almighty Home Affairs Select Committee down at Westminster. We will keep you posted as to whether this bears fruit for the coming summer.

All the best from the VAP team

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Quote of the day

« The outside world did not interfere, because it seemed so distant, and so we spent our spare time getting to know each other and learning about each other countries', languages and cultures. Everyone was completely relaxed. This simply would not have been possible on any other type of holiday. VAP enabled me to have a truly memorable experience. »

Ivan W. from London

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