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World Heritage Volunteering at UNESCO World Heritage sites

We in VAP have long had a special relationship with UNESCO through the Co-ordinating Committee for International Voluntary Service. UNESCO’s most visible action is the listing and preservation of the world’s heritage – and “World Heritage Volunteers” are playing a big role in helping. The list grows longer every year and includes famous buildings from the Tower of London to the Taj Mahal as well as important environmental sites such as the Victoria Falls and Lake Baikal. You can work on any of these projects through VAP.

If you select the option "Heritage protection" (HERI) on the Type of Work dropdown menu of our database, you will find many of these projects. If there’s a project you don’t find send us an email.

Here are some examples of projects where you can volunteer:

The Tombs of the Kings of Buganda (9-30 September);
Rwenzori Mountains (5-26 August);
Bwindi Mountain Gorillas (8-29 July).

Borobudur Temple (27 August - 9 Sept. or Ongoing project all year);
Prambanan Temple (15-30 August).

Koutammakou Villages in the North (14-31 July).

St Petersburg and Country Estates (18-29 July);
Solovetsky Islands (19 July-3 August).

Historic City of Sucre (18-30 August)

Sacred Forests on the Coast (9-30 July);
Maasai Mara Conservation, culture and wildlife (5-26 July).

Mount Sanqingshan (6-22 July);
Temple and Cemetery of Confucius (20 July-5 August);
Mount Qingcheng and the Dujiangyan Irrigation System (6 July-5 August)

Hampi, Karnataka (13-26 June);
Mahabalipuram, Tamil Nadu (11-24 July).

Kathmandu Valley (17-29 September);
Vajrayogini and early settlement of Sankhu (5-17 November).

South Korea:
Jeju Volcanic Island and Lava Tubes (14-27 July);
Namhansanseong, Forgotten Fortress (5-14 August).

Ancient Town of Hoi. Stay in Triem Tay eco-village (11-22 July).

Cathedral and the Archaeological Site of Zvartnots (14-26 July).

Neolithic Flint Mines at Spiennes (15 August-2 Sept.)

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Quote of the day

« I can say that the best things about the workcamp and this whole experience were the chance of making a real difference to the lives of very needy children. This is an extremely valuable project where volunteers can have a massive impact. Also the possibility of learning a huge amount about a country so different from our own. I learnt ten times as much by carrying out a workcamp than I would ever do backpacking. »

Dominic K. from Slimbridge

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