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It’s been a bit more than 3 weeks since the giant earthquake hit Japan on March 11th. Our partner organisation in Japan, NICE, has repeatedly expressed its appreciation for all the support received from all over the world and for the messages of encouragement. According to Kaizawa Shinichiro from NICE, the situation in the affected areas is still very hard and therefore the organisation has arranged for special volunteer projects in three different areas. Japanese volunteers are being recruited at the moment and many applications have been received already! The first group of volunteers started its activities last Monday.

NICE would like to include international volunteers as well, but due to the nature of the activities it is not possible to recruit too many for the moment. In later stages it is foreseen that more and more international volunteers are needed for rehabilitation work which will probably take at least ten years. In Rukuzen-Takada for example, where almost the entire city was destroyed, NICE will start recruiting international volunteers in mid-April.

NICE believes that this disaster can bring the opportunity to reconsider and redesign life, society and the economy of their country and even of the whole modern world civilization, with special emphasis on the energy issue. What happened in Japan was of course a terrible disaster, however it is possible to learn from this experience to improve the world, as much as possible!

If you are interested to apply for the earthquake/tsunami relief workcamps in Japan please contact VAP by email.

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Quote of the day

« I had not appreciated that so few people come out in the East Asian countries that my telling them was something extraordinary. This was also the most interesting aspect of the workcamp in terms of trying to expand the awareness of other ways of living, and there was never any hostility or problems because of it. »

David H. from Surrey

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