IIWC Indonesia

Indonesia International Work Camp-IIWC is the partner organisation of VAP in Indonesia.

Aims and objectives: Intercultural learning, voluntary service, multilateral co-operation.

Brief history:
In early 1999, Mr. Subiyono, a friend of Mr. Farid Husni SH, the director of Perkumpulan Keluarga Berencana Indonesia (PKBI or IPPA), introduced PKBI to NICE Japan. Then two NICE volunteers came to Indonesia and introduced international work camp and voluntary service. Later on, IPPA Central Java together with NICE organized an international work camp in Sodong village, Mijen regency, Semarang, Central Java, Indonesia in September 1999.
Seeing the success and positive responses, NICE suggested PKBI to establish a work camp organization. This was followed by an invitation from NVDA (Network for Voluntary Development in Asia) to join a meeting in Hanoi, Vietnam at 9th-22nd January 2000. The meeting discussed about how to run a work camp and an organization. The meeting was exactly going in the same time with the second general assembly of NVDA. At last, PKBI Central Java representing Indonesia became a member of NVDA which called Indonesia International Work Camp Indonesia or IIWC by the recommendation of Sri Lestari Pramono, S.Sos who attended the meeting.
Since that time, IIWC has been living under IPPA (Indonesia Planned Parenthood Association of Central Java). The visions are friendship and peaceful when the mission are to achieve solidarity and peaceful through cultural exchange, knowledge, activate the human resources and natural resource. IIWC value is non discriminative to run international voluntary service by thinking globally and acting locally.

In 2014 VAP has:
18 project(s) with IIWC Indonesia in Indonesia
member of:
Volunteer Action for Peace, member of the Co-ordinating Committee for International Voluntary Service Volunteer Action for Peace, member of the Volunteer International Network Exchange UK
with the support of:
Volunteer Action for Peace, member of the European «Youth in Action» Programme

Quote of the day

« I would recommend participating in a workcamp, especially with VAP, who ensured that I found a project to suit me and provided essential training for me in preparation for my trip. Being part of a workcamp really is a life-changing experience, oh, and it looks great on your CV! »

Helen B. from Wigan

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