ARVO Russia

The Association of Russian Voluntary Organisations (ARVO) is one of Russia's partners of VAP.

ARVO was formed on April 6th, 2008 by three Russian voluntary work NGOs: Passage-Zebra (Voronezh), DiGeVu (Samara) and the Italian
Culture Centre (Nizhny Novgorod). The choice of the members of this network was not accidental as these three organisations have been working in close co-operation since many years.

The mission of the Association is the promotion of the
idea of volunteering in Russia by means of voluntary workcamps, mid-term
and long-term voluntary projects.

The main goals were defined as the following:
- improving the quality of international workcamps in Russia;
- lobbying the status of a volunteer in Russia on the official level;
- searching financing for voluntary projects in Russia.

Through its members ARVO implements the following activities:
- Promotion of international voluntarism in Russia by means of voluntary work projects and workcamps;
- Involvement of young and active Russians in social life through
youth projects;
- Organisation of local and inter-regional social and cultural activities;
- Organisation of thematic trainigs, seminars and workshops.

In 2014 VAP has:
member of:
Volunteer Action for Peace, member of the Co-ordinating Committee for International Voluntary Service Volunteer Action for Peace, member of the Volunteer International Network Exchange UK
with the support of:
Volunteer Action for Peace, member of the European «Youth in Action» Programme

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« We did a lot of conservation work, building hiking paths, tidying up wooded areas, removing weeds, planting trees, etc. The work was extremely successful and I found it very rewarding.  »

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