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Short-term (2 to 4 weeks) "cultural project" projects in Mexico

3 projects found from 1.1.2011 to 31.12.2011

Country Type of Work Start End Vols. Code
Mexico Cultural Project 17.07.2011 31.05.2011 8 NAT09

San Cristóbal Film Festival

Partner Organisation: Nataté Mexico

Mexico Cultural Project - Environmental - Social Work 13.11.2011 27.11.2011 12 NAT36


Partner Organisation: Nataté Mexico

Mexico Construction - Cultural Project - Environmental 12.12.2011 26.12.2011 10 NAT37

Santa Cruz Guadalupe Community CONS/ENVI/CULT

Partner Organisation: Nataté Mexico

member of:
Volunteer Action for Peace, member of the Co-ordinating Committee for International Voluntary Service Volunteer Action for Peace, member of the Volunteer International Network Exchange UK
with the support of:
Volunteer Action for Peace, member of the European «Youth in Action» Programme

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Helen B. from Wigan

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