Short-term (2 to 4 weeks) "renovation work" projects in Germany

17 projects found from 1.1.2020 to 31.12.2020

Country Type of Work Start End Vols. Code
Germany Arts Project - Renovation work - Study/Educational 04.04.2020 19.04.2020 15 ijgd 70119

Dance and help create a new art space!

Partner Organisation: IJGD Germany

Germany Construction - Manual work - Renovation work 14.04.2020 27.04.2020 22 ijgd 00236

Spring cleaning close to the beautiful baltic sea beach

Partner Organisation: IJGD Germany

Germany Environmental - Renovation work 22.06.2020 04.07.2020 10 NIG03


Partner Organisation: NIG

Germany Environmental - Renovation work 03.07.2020 18.07.2020 15 ijgd 70110

Habitats for people and animals

Partner Organisation: IJGD Germany

Germany Renovation work 04.07.2020 25.07.2020 15 ijgd 20336

Working around historical walls

Partner Organisation: IJGD Germany

Germany Arts Project - Construction - Renovation work 04.07.2020 19.07.2020 12 ijgd 70121

Theatre, performance and creating a new art space

Partner Organisation: IJGD Germany

Germany Construction - Renovation work 06.07.2020 19.07.2020 10 NIG07


Partner Organisation: NIG

Germany Renovation work - Study/Educational - Work with children/teenagers 11.07.2020 01.08.2020 15 ijgd 70120

Holiday fun for children and upcycling – building furniture

Partner Organisation: IJGD Germany

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« The organisation of the camp community was fantastic! The group was great and we bonded quickly, language was always going to be a tricky one, but everyone attempted English and Indonesian so it made the whole experience fun and educational. »

Kirstin D. from Thirsk

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