Short-term (2 to 4 weeks) "renovation work" projects in Germany

53 projects found from 1.1.2017 to 31.12.2017

Country Type of Work Start End Vols. Code
Germany Festival - Renovation work 19.08.2017 03.09.2017 12 IBG 31

Eislingen/fils (baden-wurttemberg)

Partner Organisation: IBG

Germany Environmental - Renovation work 20.08.2017 03.09.2017 12 IBG 32


Partner Organisation: IBG

Germany Renovation work - Study/Educational 21.08.2017 01.09.2017 12 VJF17-3.6

Berlin kfsr

Partner Organisation: VJF Germany

Germany Renovation work 28.08.2017 09.09.2017 9 VJF17-6.5

Usv jena

Partner Organisation: VJF Germany

Germany Construction - Project for teenagers - Renovation work 02.09.2017 16.09.2017 12 ijgd 77116

Have a great time at the felixsee lake - felixsee

Partner Organisation: IJGD Germany

Germany Environmental - Renovation work 02.09.2017 18.09.2017 18 VJF17-2.1

Kiez hoelzerner see

Partner Organisation: VJF Germany

Germany Cultural Project - Manual work - Renovation work 02.09.2017 16.09.2017 12 ICJA16

Bedheim castle bedheim

Partner Organisation: ICJA Germany

Germany Renovation work 03.09.2017 24.09.2017 11 VJF17-2.2


Partner Organisation: VJF Germany

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