Short-term (2 to 4 weeks) "renovation work" projects in Germany

53 projects found from 1.1.2017 to 31.12.2017

Country Type of Work Start End Vols. Code
Germany Renovation work 05.07.2017 19.07.2017 12 IBG 12

Schwarzerden (saarland)

Partner Organisation: IBG

Germany Festival - Renovation work 10.07.2017 29.07.2017 15 VJF17-3.4

Berlin maxim

Partner Organisation: VJF Germany

Germany Renovation work - Study/Educational 14.07.2017 04.08.2017 11 IBG 16

Hoetensleben (saxony-anhalt)

Partner Organisation: IBG

Germany Environmental - Festival - Renovation work 15.07.2017 29.07.2017 13 ijgd 27325

Get involved in conservation work and prepare family day in hessen - fritzlar

Partner Organisation: IJGD Germany

Germany Construction - Renovation work 16.07.2017 30.07.2017 12 VJF17-1.4


Partner Organisation: VJF Germany

Germany Environmental - Renovation work 17.07.2017 29.07.2017 6 OH-W11

Workcamp ollendorf water castle

Partner Organisation: Open Houses Germany

Germany Archaeology - Project for teenagers - Renovation work 22.07.2017 06.08.2017 12 ijgd 27339

Working within the walls of history - flechtdorf

Partner Organisation: IJGD Germany

Germany Arts Project - Environmental - Project for teenagers - Renovation work 22.07.2017 05.08.2017 20 ijgd 17227

Nature & adventure by land, sea and air i - fahren

Partner Organisation: IJGD Germany

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« The organisation of the camp community was fantastic! The group was great and we bonded quickly, language was always going to be a tricky one, but everyone attempted English and Indonesian so it made the whole experience fun and educational. »

Kirstin D. from Thirsk

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